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By Richard Rorty

Must the sins of America's prior poison its wish for the long run? in recent years the yank Left, chickening out into the ivied halls of academe to rue the nation's disgrace, has responded convinced in either be aware and deed. In Achieving Our Country, one in all America's most appropriate philosophers demanding situations this misplaced new release of the Left to appreciate the function it could possibly play within the nice culture of democratic highbrow hard work that began with writers like Walt Whitman and John Dewey.

How have nationwide satisfaction and American patriotism come to appear an endorsement of atrocities--from slavery to the slaughter of local american citizens, from the rape of historic forests to the Vietnam battle? Achieving Our Country lines the resources of this debilitating mentality of disgrace within the Left, in addition to the damage it does to its proponents and to the rustic. on the heart of this historical past is the clash among the outdated Left and the hot that arose throughout the Vietnam struggle period. Richard Rorty describes how the paradoxical victory of the antiwar circulate, ushering within the Nixon years, inspired a upset iteration of intellectuals to pursue "High conception" on the cost of contemplating where of rules in our universal existence. during this flip to idea, Rorty sees a retreat from the secularism and pragmatism championed by means of Dewey and Whitman, and he decries the tendency of the heirs of the hot Left to theorize in regards to the usa from a distance rather than partaking within the civic paintings of shaping our nationwide future.

In the absence of a colourful, energetic Left, the perspectives of intellectuals at the American correct have come to dominate the general public sphere. This galvanizing booklet, tailored from Rorty's Massey Lectures of 1997, takes step one towards redressing the imbalance in American cultural lifestyles via rallying these at the Left to the civic engagement and thought wanted for "achieving our country."

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