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UJFALVY The Crown of untamed Olive, 1866 (and extra variants) The Twelve Olympians, Pan, 1952 lady in Antiquity, Pan, 1956 On Alexander’s tune to the Indus, Macmillan, 1929 the dignity that used to be Greece, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1911 (and extra variants) Extracts from his Geography Alexander the nice (vol. I, 1947, vol. II, 1950), Cambridge college Press Hellenistic Civilisation, E. Arnold, (last variation 1952) The Greeks in Bactria and India, Cambridge college Press, (last variation 1951) heritage of Greece (vol. VII, pp. 119-20), Longmans, eco-friendly & Co. , 1852 examine of background (abridged through D. C. Somerwell), Oxford college Press, 1946 Le style body d’Alexandre le Grand d’après les auteurs anciens et les records iconographiques, 1902 xxxv list of books consulted ARTHUR WEIGALL H. G. WELLS B. IDE WHEELER ULRICH WILCKEN PROFESSOR WRIGHT PROFESSOR A. ZIMMERN XENOPHON Alexander the good, Butterworth, 1933 brief historical past of the area, Thinker’s Library, 1929 Alexander the nice, Putnam, 1900 Alexander the good, Chatto & Windus (English translation 1932) Alexander the good, Kegan Paul, 1934 The Greek Commonwealth, Oxford collage Press, 1911 (and different variations) Memorabilia, Heinemann, 1923 The Symposium, Heinemann, 1922 xxxvi i m p o r ta n t dat e s 1 * the various distances in miles are given by means of Lieutenant-Colonel circumvent. The again and ahead hasty vacationing, necessitated through the revolts and assaults from numerous instructions in Bactria, Sogdiana and adjoining territories, upload as much as 3,900 miles. The mileage within the zone of the 5 Rivers mounts as much as 1,070. The miles traversed from the start line of Pella to Alexander’s loss of life at Babylon quantity to 21,900. In Asia minor, from the Hellespont to the Granicus was once fifty miles. 558–529 336 335 334 Autumn Spring Conquests of Cyrus Alexander turned King Thebes Alexander begins for Asia 1 Taken from the desk of Lieutenant-Colonel circumvent, released in his Alexander, by way of land pennimon of Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. * very important Dates persevered after map xxxvii important dates 334 333 333 333 333–332 332 332–331 331 331 331 331 331 331 331 330 330 330 330 330 330 329 329 329 329 329 329 329–328 may perhaps March summer season November Mid-winter August wintry weather Early summer season October 1st October November Early December December December March may perhaps July 1st August September October January to March April may well summer time Autumn Autumn wintry weather conflict of the Granicus Left Gordium Cicilian Gates conflict of Issus Tyre siege began Tyre taken Egypt Euphrates conflict of Gaugamela Babylon Susa Uxian crusade Persian Gates taken Persepolis Left Persepolis Ecbatana demise of Darius Tapurian crusade Caspian Gates crusade Drangiana and Arachotia Alexandria-ad-Caucasum equipped Passage of the Parapamisus Oxus crossed Scythian crusade again to Maracanda good fortune of Spitamenes In Zariaspa xxxix important dates 328 328 327 327 327 327 326 326 326 326 326 326 326 326 326 325 325 325 325 325 324 324 Spring to summer time Autumn Early 5 Column crusade ultimate Sogdian crusade Sogdian Rock and Rock of Chorienes Spring again to Zariaspa may well To Alexandria-ad-Caucasum July Left Alexandria and Nicea past due iciness Campaigns of Cophen and Aornos Early Spring Crossing of Indus April In Taxila may possibly Crossing of Hydaspes river and conflict June and July 5 Rivers crusade finish of July At Hyphasis August again to Hydaspes October begin down river November and Mallian crusade December January crusade reduce Indus to June July Pattala August Indus delta September Oreitian crusade October and desolate tract of Gedrosia November January In Persepolis Spring In Susa xl important dates 324 324 324–323 323 323 323 July Autumn December to January Spring may well June Mutiny at Opis Ecbatana Cossean crusade Babylon Funeral rites of Hephaestion dying of Alexander xli pa r t o n e chapter i i n t r o d u c t i o n : ac c e s s i o n t o crossing of the hellespont Contradictory estimates of Alexander — His all over the world impact — Greece prior to the increase of Philip of Macedon Marriage with Olympias — Alexander enters the varsity of Aristotle — Isocrates’ impact on Philip — Philip turns into Head of the League of Corinth — Assassination of Philip — Claimants to his throne — Alexander takes instructed motion — Oracle of Delphi tells him he's invincible — Northern tribes subdued — Destruction of Thebes — His military — Departure for Asia.

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