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By Jacques Derrida

"The English model of Dissemination [is] an capable translation by means of Barbara Johnson . . . . Derrida's imperative competition is that language is haunted through dispersal, absence, loss, the danger of unmeaning, a possibility that is starkly embodied in all writing. the excellence among philosophy and literature hence turns into of secondary value. Philosophy vainly makes an attempt to regulate the irrecoverable dissemination of its personal that means, it strives—against the grain of language—to provide a sober revelation of fact. Literature—on the opposite hand—flaunts its personal meretriciousness, abandons itself to the Dionysiac play of language. In Dissemination—more than any past work—Derrida joins within the revelry, weaving a fancy development of puns, verbal echoes and allusions, meant to 'deconstruct' either the pretension of feedback to inform the reality approximately literature, and the pretension of philosophy to the literature of truth."—Peter Dews, New Statesman

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