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By Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

This set of six volumes presents a scientific and standardized description of 23,033 chemical parts remoted from 6,926 medicinal crops, amassed from 5,535 books/articles released in chinese language and foreign journals. A chemical constitution with stereo-chemistry bonds is equipped for every chemical part, as well as traditional details, similar to chinese language and English names, actual and chemical houses. It incorporates a identify checklist of medicinal vegetation from which the chemical part was once remoted. in addition, considerable pharmacological facts for almost 8,000 chemical parts are provided, together with experimental strategy, experimental animal, mobile variety, quantitative info, in addition to keep an eye on compound facts. The seven indexes enable for whole cross-indexing. Regardless even if one searches for the molecular formulation of a compound, the pharmacological job of a compound, or the English identify of a plant, the data within the ebook should be retrieved in a number of ways.

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Thunbergii [Syn. Fritillaria thunbergii], C23H34O8 (438. 52). mp 213. 5~215ºC, [α]D19 = −82. 9º. resource: XIAN HUA commonly dispensed in nature. Ref: 569, 660, 900, 1521, 2576, 3408, 3525, 4154, XIANG CHA CAI Rabdosia adenantha. Ref: 4067. 4233, 4348, 4653, 5501, 5507, 5508, 5512, 5514. NH2 N N O N HO O HO O H N O H OH OH OH O H O OH 74 624 Adenosine diphosphate 629 Adianene C10H15N5O10P2 (427. 21). resource: XIANG XUN Lentinus edodes. Ref: 660. C30H50 (410. 73). resource: DAN GAI TIE XIAN JUE Adiantum monochlamys. Ref: 660. NH2 N N O O HO P O P O OH H H H N N O OH 630 Adian-5-ene ozonide OH OH 625 5'-Adenosine monophosphate C30H50O3 (458. 73). resource: DAN GAI TIE XIAN JUE Adiantum [61-19-8] C10H14N5O7P (347. 23). mp 195ºC. resource: MO GU Agaricus monochlamys, GAO SHAN TIAO JUE Oleandra wallichii. Ref: 660, 1521. campestris. Ref: 6. H NH2 N N N H O N O O O O O P OH 631 Adiantifoline OH [20823-96-5] C42H50N2O9 (726. 87). darkish yellow acicular crystals (alcohol), skinny acicular crystals (alcohol–ether), mp 142~143ºC, darkish yellow needle OH OH crystals (anhydrous alcohol), mp 143. 5~144 ºC , [α]D28 = +90º (c = zero. eleven, 626 Adenosine triphosphate [56-65-5] C10H16N5O13P3 (507. 19). Pharm: Coenzyme of power move in phosphate bonds; reagent utilized in biochemistry learn. resource: HA SHI MA Rana temporaria chensinensis; Rana amurensis, LU RONG Cervus nippon; Cervus elaphus, QING WA Rana nigromaculata; Rana plancyi, methanol). Pharm: Antihypertensive (rbt, 1mg/kg, blood strain is diminished via three. 33kPa for 2min); supertoxic agent. resource: HE NAN TANG tune CAO Thalictrum honanenae, TIE XIAN JUE YE TANG tune CAO Thalictrum minus var. adiantifolium. Ref: 1, 537. REN SHEN Panax ginseng [Syn. Panax schinseng]. Ref: 2, 6, 658. O O N NH2 N H O N N O N O OH OH O O O O O P O P O P OH O O O O OH H N 632 Adiantone OH OH [1253-69-6] C29H48O (412. 71). mp 222~224ºC. resource: BIAN YE TIE 627 Adhatodine [33903-14-9] C20H21N3O2 (335. 41). mp 183ºC. resource: DA BO GU Adhatoda vasica. Ref: 6. XIAN JUE Adiantum caudatum, GUAN ZHONG Dryopteris crassirhizoma, TIE SI QI Adiantum pedatum, ZHU ZONG CAO Adiantum capillus-veneris. Ref: 6. H N H N O H O NH 633 Adiantulanosterol 628 Adhumulone C21H30O5 (362. 47). resource: PI JIU HUA Humulus lupulus. Ref: 660. OH O H O O Lanost-20(22)-ene-30-ol C30H52O (428. 75). Colorless crystals, mp 170~172ºC, [α]D20 = −29. fourº (c = zero. 07, CHCl3). resource: XI YE TIE XIAN JUE Adiantum venustum (aerial parts). Ref: 3957. O H OH H H OH 75 634 Adiantulupanone 638 Adinoside C 30-Normethyl lupane-20-one C29H48O (412. 71). Colorless rhombic crystals, C21H32O11 (460. 48). Amorphous powder, [α]D23 = −134º (c = zero. five, MeOH). mp 212~215ºC. resource: XI YE TIE XIAN JUE Adiantum venustum (aerial resource: JI ZI MU Sinoadina Racemosa [Syn. Adina racemosa] (leaf, flower parts). Ref: 3957. and twig: yield = zero. 0037%dw). Ref: 4723. O H O O O O H O H HO HO HO H OO OH H 639 Adinoside D C33H44O20 (760. 71). Amorphous powder, [α]D28 = −137º (c = 1. zero, MeOH).

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