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By Stephen James O'Meara

The Herschel four hundred is an inventory of four hundred galaxies, nebulae, and celebrity clusters, picked from over 2,500 deep-sky items found and catalogued via the nice eighteenth-century astronomer Sir William Herschel and his sister Caroline. It includes 231 galaxies, 107 open clusters, 33 globular clusters, 20 planetary nebulae, 2 halves of a unmarried planetary nebula, and seven brilliant nebulae. during this advisor Steve O'Meara takes the observer in the course of the checklist, season via season, month by way of month, evening via evening, item via item. He works in the course of the gadgets in a delicately deliberate and methodical means, taking in essentially the most dramatic non-Messier galaxies, nebulae, and celebrity clusters within the evening sky. perfect for astronomers who've tackled the Messier gadgets, this richly illustrated consultant can help the beginner astronomer hone their watching abilities.

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