Download E-books Instant Chinese: How to Express Over 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! A Mandarin Chinese Language Phrasebook PDF

By Boye Lafayette De Mente

It's outstanding how a hundred key phrases and words supply rapid communication!
Do you need to converse basic Mandarin chinese language yet are too busy to check it? Are you vacationing China for a little while and wish a Mandarin word ebook that can assist you speak within the chinese? if this is the case, this Mandarin phrasebook is for you. It's tiny 0.4 x 4.1 x 5.9 inches dimension makes it exceedingly handy to shuttle with yet with no wasting the main crucial content material for verbal exchange. This new, elevated version includes 15% extra content material, enjoyable manga-style illustrations, and extra info on which locations, personalities and developments are sizzling in China correct now!
The thought of Instant Chinese is simple—learn a hundred phrases and words and say 1,000 issues. The trick is understanding which a hundred phrases to profit, however the writer Boye Lafayette De Mente has solved the matter, settling on purely these phrases you'll pay attention many times. inspite of a vocabulary this small, you'll be stunned how quick and fluently it's also possible to speak in Mandarin chinese language. phrases are repeated in numerous combos, development familiarity with out attempt. All words are given in either simplified chinese language characters and conventional Hanoi Pinyin romanization. a quick advisor to pronunciation permits the person to claim the words properly. An English–Chinese word list makes taking a look up a note or word easy and fast. Here's a pattern of what you'll be capable of do with this chinese language phasebook:
• Meet people.
• pass shopping.
• Ask directions.
• experience the subway.
• Order foodstuff and drinks.
• and masses extra.

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Shern-mo shr-hoe kigh-shr) 什么时候开始? Are the performers recognized? Yǎnyuán chūmíng ma? (Yahn-ywahn choo-meeng mah) 演员出名吗? How lengthy will it final? Yǎn duō cháng shíjiān? (Yahn dwoh-chahng shr-jee-an) 演多长时间? the place am i able to purchase tickets? Zài nǎli kěyǐ mǎi dào piào? 在哪里可以买到票? (Dzigh nah-lee ker-ee my-dow pee-ow) Is it essential to purchase tickets upfront? Yīdìng yào tíqián mǎi piào ma? (Ee-deeng yee-ow tee-chee-an my pee-ow mah) 一定要提前买票吗? seventy seven Emergency Jǐnjí qíngkuàng (Jeen-jee cheeng-kwahng)紧急情况 I’ve misplaced my digital camera. Wǒ diū le zhàoxiàngjī. (Woh dew-ler jow-she-ahng-jee) 我丢了照相机。 somebody has stolen my cash. Yǒurén tōu le wǒ de qián. 有人偷了我的钱。 (you-wren tow-ler woh der chee-an) an individual has stolen my passport. Yǒurén tōu le wǒ de hùzhào. 有人偷了我的护照。 (you-wren tow-ler woh der hoo-jow) anyone has stolen my handbag. Yǒurén tōu le wǒ de qiánbāo. 有人偷了我的钱包。 (you-wren tow-ler woh der chee-an-bow) aid! (shout) Jiùmìng ā! (Jew-meeng-ah) 救命啊! seventy eight unwell / unwell Bìng (Beeng) 病 I’m in poor health. Wǒ bìng le. (Woh beeng ler). 我病了。 I don’t consider good. Wǒ gǎnjué bùhǎo. (Woh gahn-jway boo how) 我感觉不好。 it's very critical. Hěn yánzhòng. (Hern yahn-johng) 很严重。 i've got a ache in my chest. Wǒ xiōng téng. (Woh shee-ong terng) 我胸疼。 i've got a discomfort in my abdominal. Wǒ wèi téng. (Woh manner terng) 我胃疼。 i believe dizzy. Wǒ juéde tóuyūn. (Woh jway-der toe ywun) 我觉得头晕。 i've got a fever. Wǒ fāshāo le. (Woh fah-shou-ler) 我发烧了。 i've got a middle situation. Wǒ yǒu xīnzàngbìng. (Woh you sheen-dzahng beeng) 我有心脏病。 i've got diabetes. Wǒ yǒu tángniàobìng. (Woh you tahng-nee-ow beeng) 我有糖尿病。 i've got a headache. Wǒ yǒu diǎn tóu tòng. (Woh you dee-an toe-tohng) 我有点头痛。 seventy nine medication Yīyào (Ee-yee-ow) 医药 drugstore (pharmacy) yàofáng (yee-ow-fahng) 药房 aspirin āsīpǐlín (ah-srn-pee-leen) 阿司匹林 eye drops yǎn yàoshuǐ (yahn yee-ow shway) 眼药水 cough drugs késou yào (ker-soh yee-ow) 咳嗽药 the place is a pharmacy? Yàofáng zài nǎlǐ? (Yee-ow-fahng dzigh nah-lee) 药房在哪里? What time does the drugstore open? Yàofáng jǐdiǎn kāi? (Yee-ow-fahng jee-dee-an kigh) 药房几点开? I’d like a few aspirin. Wǒ xiǎng yào āsīpǐlín. 我想要阿司匹林。 (Woh she-ahng yee-ow ah-sr-pee-leen) I’d like a few eye drops. Wǒ xiǎng yào yǎn yàoshuǐ. 我想要眼药水。 (Woh she-ahng yee-ow yahn yee-ow shway) I’d like anything for a chilly. Wǒ xiǎng mǎi gǎnmào yào. 我想买感冒药。 (Woh she-ahng-my gahn mao yee-ow) I’d like anything for a cough. Wǒ xiǎng mǎi késou yào. (Woh she-ahng-my ker-soh yee-ow) 我想买咳嗽药。 I’d like a few contraceptives. Wǒ xiǎng yào bìyùn yào. 我想要避孕药。 (Woh she-ahng yee-ow bee-ywun yee-ow) eighty healthcare professional Yīshēng (Ee-sherng) 医生 / Dàifu (Die-foo) 大夫 i must see a physician. Wǒ yào kàn yīshēng. (Woh yee-ow kahn ee-sherng) 我要看医生。 Is there a physician who speaks English? Yǒu néng shuō Yīngwén de yīshēng ma? (You nerng shwo Eeng wern der ee-sherng mah) 有能说英文的医生吗? Please name a physician for me. Qǐng gěi wǒ jiào yīshēng. (Cheeng homosexual woh jow ee-sherng) 请给我叫医生。 name a physician fast! Gǎnkuài jiào yīshēng! (Gahn-kwie jow ee-sherng) 赶快叫医生! Please prescribe Western drugs.

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