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By Andrew Carnie

This publication provides the 1st finished reference on noun declensions in sleek Irish. while conventional descriptions of noun inflection are notoriously advanced and choked with exceptions and irregularities, this reference advisor presents a scientific and simple characterization of nominal paradigms, which additionally captures vital generalizations in regards to the inflection of nouns. Andrew Carnie proposes ten declension periods rather than the normal 5 and separates off seven significant kinds of plural formation. He offers totally inflected paradigms for 1200 nouns, and a reference checklist of 10,000 Irish nouns annotated with their new declension classification, their plural kind and the shape of the genitive singular and customary case (nominative) plural. The e-book additionally comprises parallel info at the inflection of adjectives and prepositions.

This distinctive reference instrument may be useful not just to language researchers and authors, yet to academics and scholars of the language, whether or not they are local audio system or beginners.

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Ainspride, pl. ainspridı´), evil spirit. ainte´ine, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. aintı´nı´), antenna. aintiarna, mA, s3. 6, (gs. , pl. aintiarnaı´), despot. aintiarnas, mB1, (gs. aintiarnais), tyranny. aintı´n, fA, s3. 1, (gs. , pl. aintı´nı´), aunt. aintiu´n, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. aintiu´in), anthem. aı´ocht, fD6, (gs. aı´ochta), hospitality. aı´ochtlann, fD2, w2. 2, (gs. aı´ochtlainne, cp. aı´ochtlanna), guesthouse. aipindic, fD1, s3. 1, (gs. aipindice, pl. aipindicı´), appendix. aipindicı´teas, mB2i, (gs. aipindicı´tis), appendicitis. aird, fD1, s2. 1, (gs. /pl. airde), path. airde, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. airdı´), peak. airdeall, mB2i, (gs. airdill), alertness. aire, fA, (gs. ), cognizance. aireachas, mB1, (gs. aireachais), awareness. aireacht, fD6, s3. five, (gs. aireachta, pl. aireachtaı´), ministry. aireachta´il, fD7, (gs. aireachta´la), conception. aireagal, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. aireagail), oratory, ward. aireaga´n, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. aireaga´in), invention. a´ireamh, mB2i, mVN, w1. 2i, (gs. /cp. a´irimh, vngs. a´irithe), counting. a´ireamha´n, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. a´ireamha´in), calculator. aire´ine, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. aire´inı´), area. a´irge, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. a´irgı´), asset. airgead, mB2i, w1. 2i, (gs. /cp. airgid), funds, silver. airgeadaı´, mA, s6. five, (gs. airgeadaı´, pl. airgeadaithe), Wnancier. airgeadas, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. airgeadais), Wnance. airgeado´ir, mD7, s3. 1, (gs. airgeado´ra, pl. airgeado´irı´), cashier, teller. airgeadra, mA, s3. 6, (gs. , pl. airgeadraı´), forex. a´irı´, fA, s6. five, (gs. , pl. a´irithe), herd. airı´, mA, s4. five (gs. , pl. airı´onna), symptom. a´iria, mA, s4. four, (gs. , pl. a´irianna), aria. a´irithe, fA, (gs. ), simple task. airleacan, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. airleacain), enhance, personal loan. a´irmhe´adar, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. a´irmhe´adair), comptometer. airmhea´n, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. airmhea´in), epicenter. airne, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. (gs. airne, pl. airnı´), sloe, gland. airne´is, fD1, (gs. airne´ise), chattels, livestock. a´irse, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. a´irsı´), arch. airteagal, mB1, w1. 1, (gs. /cp. airteagail), article. airtle´ire, fA, (gs. ), artillery. airtrı´teas, mB2i, (gs. airtrı´tis), arthritis. ais, fD1, s4. 1, (gs. aise, pl. aiseanna), axis. a´is, fD1, s4. 1, (gs. a´ise, pl. a´iseanna), comfort, equipment. aisce, fA, s3. four, (gs. , pl. aiscı´), prefer. aischothu´, mI, s6. five, (gs. /pl. aischothaithe, pl. aischothuithe), suggestions. aine´iste´ise–amaidı´ aiseag, mB2i, w1. 2i, (gs. /cp. aisig, vngs. aiseagtha), recovery. aiseagthoir, mD7, s3. 1, (gs. aiseagthora, pl. aiseagthoirı´), restorer. aiseal, mB2i, w1. 2i, (gs. /cp. aisil), axle. aise´irı´, mA, s6. five, (gs. aise´irı´, vngs. /pl. aise´irithe), resurrection. aise´iteach, mH1, w1. three, (gs. /cp. aise´itigh), ascetic. aiseolas, mB1, (gs. aiseolais), suggestions. aisfhreagra, mA, s3. 6, (gs. , pl. aisfhreagraı´), retort. aisghairm, fD1/VN, s5. 1, (gs. aisghairme, vngs. aisghairthe, pl. aisghairmeacha), repeal. aisı´oc, mD6/VN, s3. five, (gs. aisı´oca, vngs. aisı´octha, pl. aisı´ocaı´), compensation. a´isiu´lacht, fD6, s3. five, (gs. a´isiu´lachta, pl. a´isiu´lachtaı´), comfort. aisle´im, fD1, s4. 1, (gs. aisle´ime, pl. aisle´imeanna), balk.

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