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Today, we're uncovered to a growing number of chemical substances within the atmosphere and there's a transforming into expertise of the results of those chemical substances at the ovaries. Infertility due to environmental exposures will not be seen till the reproductive existence span is waning. As such, the opportunity of xenobiotic-induced infertility has to be larger understood.

In fresh years, study into chemical compounds that experience the capability to reason early menopause through destroying pre-antral ovarian follicles is gaining larger appreciation. Ovarian Toxicology, moment Edition represents a compilation of chapters ready by way of researchers who've considerably contributed to our realizing of the impression of xenobiotics and environmental components on ovarian functionality. the second one version considerably updates newly investigated ovotoxicants in addition to more suitable mechanistic insights that experience emerged because the first edition.

Topics include:

  • Ovarian body structure and the metabolism of xenobiotics
  • The impression of insecticides, heavy metals, phthalates, BPA, and cigarette smoking at the ovaries
  • Ovarian melanoma, together with endocrine results and new views on chemoresistance
  • Epidemiology and human well-being threat overview for environmental chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals

The first publication to concentration in particular on ovarian toxicology, this source is perfect for scientists in academia, regulatory companies, and who would get advantages from a survey of the impression of xenobiotic chemical compounds on ovarian function.

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