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This booklet offers a set of 36 items of clinical paintings within the components of complexity thought and foundations of cryptography: 20 examine contributions, thirteen survey articles, and three programmatic and reflective standpoint statements. those thus far officially unpublished items have been written by means of Oded Goldreich, a few in collaboration with different scientists.
The articles integrated during this publication basically replicate the topical scope of the medical profession of Oded Goldreich now spanning 3 a long time. particularly the subjects handled contain average-case complexity, complexity of approximation, derandomization, expander graphs, hashing features, in the neighborhood testable codes, machines that take recommendation, NP-completeness, one-way features, probabilistically checkable proofs, proofs of information, estate trying out, pseudorandomness, randomness extractors, sampling, trapdoor variations, zero-knowledge, and non-iterative zero-knowledge.
All in all, this potpourri of experiences in complexity and cryptography constitutes a Most worthy contribution to the sphere of theoretical machine technological know-how based round the own achievements and perspectives of 1 of its notable representatives.

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