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By Don Machholz

The Messier Catalogue is an inventory of 1 hundred and ten galaxies, superstar clusters and nebulae, and comprises a number of the brightest and best-known items within the sky. beginner astronomers who locate the entire items at the checklist in a single evening have effectively accomplished the Messier Marathon. The staring at consultant to the Messier Marathon includes over ninety easy-to-use superstar maps to lead the observer from one item to the following, and gives guidance for a profitable evening of looking at. Don Machholz additionally tells the tale of the eighteenth-century astronomer, Charles Messier, and the way he got here to assemble his huge catalogue. His whole consultant to the Messier Marathon might help the beginner astronomer to monitor the Messier items all year long, utilizing a small telescope or perhaps a pair of binoculars. Don Machholz is an engineer in Auburn, California. drawn to astronomy because adolescence, he's a well known comet hunter, having came upon 9 comets that endure his identify. He writes articles for neighborhood California newspapers and radio stations for targeted astronomical occasions. among 1988 and 2000, Don Machholz was once the Comets Recorder for the organization of Lunar and Planetary Recorders.

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